Global citizenship.
Californian design.


Borough - $87

in Gloss Black or Tortoise Shell

Dedas - $87

in Gloss Black or Tortoise Shell

4AM - $87

in Gloss Black or Tortoise Shell

Ruby - $87

in Gloss Black or Tortoise Shell

Rufio - $87

in Gloss Black or Tortoise Shell

Encore - $87

in Gloss Black or Tortoise Shell

Venice-inspired, polarized sunglasses at $87

The OJOS collection is designed in-house by our crew of travelers, designers, and global citizens. We continuously question business norms in our industry and firmly believe we can offer amazing eyewear at a fraction of the cost without jeopardizing materials used and quality. Our range features premium, handcrafted cellulose acetate & polarized CR39 lenses at an unmatched price of $87 - making sure OJOS is accessible to people just like us.



For every pair of OJOS eyewear sold, we plant 10 trees. As one of our carbon offset methods, we’ve partnered with Trees for the Future & The Nature Conservancy to plant trees in countries worldwide that suffer from deforestation & soil degradation and help to restore a natural, healthy environment.

Social Stewardship

Our multifunctional eyewear pouches serve as a medium for social stewardship. All OJOS pouches are made via a micro-financed, grass- roots campaign with indigenous women of India to support livelihood, way of life, and traditional craft. Trade fair certified and made of organic cotton.


We are a proud member of 1% for the Planet and voluntarily tax ourselves a 1% “Earth Tax” to donate to worldwide organizations that work to protect, preserve, and sustain healthy environments. We work to cover our environmental footprint for our generation, and generations to come.

Reclaim & Recycle

Our display cases utilize a reclaimed pinewood called Colorado Beetlekill. We reclaim this wood from Colorado that would otherwise end up in landfills (1.76 million acres worth) and handcraft each case. All OJOS packaging & print is 100% recycled w/ non-toxic, vegetable based inks and dyes.

You compliment our eyewear. Not the other way around.

We founded OJOS to be different by challenging status quo, questioning business norms, and doing things our own way. We look to be a reflection of global responsibility and help pave the ways of future business practices in taking care of the planet we share and the people in it. OJOS is priced to be accessible to people just like us while upholding premium design + quality to keep you (and your wallet) looking good during our brand mantra to “Go, Be, Do”: GO explore the globe, BE the change you want to see, DO something extraordinary.

By supporting our brand, you know the importance of global citizenship and our "Go, Be, Do" message alike. We set the stage but you paint the picture of what OJOS really represents and you are the ones that make our brand look good. It's simply our goal for the OJOS range to accompany you on some of the best experiences of your life and to be a constant reminder of the importance of the enthusiastic pursuit of fun. Go, Be, Do.

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